The residents of this town deserve a problem-solver who can tackle tough issues! That’s Agnes’s background – solving problems.  She has experience with hearing multiple sides of an issue and coming up with balanced solutions.  She can strive to do this with your best interests in mind. 

Let’s Get Together and Put People Before Party

It is time to choose candidates based on their qualifications, not their party affiliation.  The needs of our community should come before party politics.

Let’s Get Together and Develop Responsibly

We must take proactive steps to develop responsibly so that we can retain the small-town character of our suburban town, without significant negative impact on schools, traffic or the environment. Let’s say no to transit villages.

Let’s Get Together and Improve Safety for Pedestrians and Bicyclists

We need to do more to reduce speeding and accidents for everyone’s safety, especially in areas that are becoming more densely populated.  Let’s help make this a safer community. 

Let’s Get Together and Provide Reliable Support to Downtown Business

We all benefit from having a vibrant downtown, so it is imperative that we do more to help local businesses succeed. Let’s brainstorm creative ways to bring people to our downtown businesses, especially during town events.  

Let’s Get Together to Make Millburn a Great Place to Live for All of Us!

As an attorney, Agnes can help achieve these goals to improve our overall quality of life with effective and decisive leadership and transparent communication.  

As a second-generation, full-time working parent with children in our public elementary school system, Agnes can represent more voices from our township and help foster a richer community.

We need a broader perspective and a professional voice on the Millburn Township Committee!

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