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"Agnes is such a responsive lady. She had done a lot for this community in her professional way. We believe in she will keep doing more for Millburn because her heart is here with us. Go, Agnes!"

—Xiaoli Wang

"I’m very impressed with her responsible development platform."

—David Cosgrove

If we want to prevent unplanned and irresponsible development happening in the town and overcrowding of schools, we must vote for change from the existing township committee to Agnes.

—Shri Singhvi

"Agnes would be a fantastic addition to the committee. It’s not easy to balance a career and a family. She does it phenomenally well. She’s honest and sincere, and truly cares about Millburn."
—David Shefter

"Agnes will be an incredible asset to the TC. She has the ability to make sensible decisions that will shape the future of Millburn. She is positive, smart, educated and HONEST, someone who can be trusted. Take the time to get to know her!"

—Jean Pyun Nozolo

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Darin Lieber, Treasurer